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Dreaming of Syracuse

Syracuse is the link between the age of the Greeks and the Romans, originally a Greek colony, become one of these capital, and capital for classic theatre. In Syracuse in the 5th century BC it was built the first theatre of this kind, all drug out of rock, it is the largest, far exceeding in size small and medium ones like Sotulo and Segesta and even Bigger ones like Tindari and Taormina.

In the 5th century BC, none of the Greek cities on the Italian peninsula could compete with Syracuse. Carthaginians were defeated at Imera and Syracyse moved on the extend its rule on the peninsula, defeating the Etruscans too. Syracuse became the most important cultural centre. A great deal of this remain in present- day in Syracuse where an impressive revival is under way around the  Greek theatre and the island of Ortigia.

History and landscape go together naturally in Syracuse, founded by the Corinthians in 734 BC. The remain of Greek period are the common denominator of a city that also has significant early-Chritian and baroque feature as well, including painting by Caravaggio and Antonello da Messina.

A breathtaking coastline, a warm climate all year around, and the sea safe to bathe in almost everywhere. Syracuse is still a point of arrival, a goal, the final destination of a journey begun in some other part of the world.

The same sea where dive, still equally where the violence of the head abates and produces “not prostration anymore but a sort of subdued elation, while the sun, not longer a fierce tormentor, contents itself with being not onlya smiling though brutal donor of energy, but also a magician who sets sparkling diamonds in every small est ripple of the sea”

This sea, clean to dive and fish, hold the island of Ortigia, (where “BLUENOSE” is), bearing the same name given so long ago. “jutting out into the Sicilian gulf, al island lies opposite the Plemmirio lashed by the sea.

Ortigia is the essence of Syracuse, where the streets winding their way through the Baroque forms of noble palazzos omids mocking gargoyles and rounded balconies, are linked and the same time separated from the rest of the city by a bridge. Crossing it, you plunge into secret, pungent-smelling alleys where the life of the island echoes in the voices of its people, among the street, courtyards and little piazzas that are suddenly revealed.

Today Ortigia in alive in the houses of inhabitants, in the workshop of its craftsmen and in the hotels, B&B, bars and myriad night-spot  that enliven the street and the evening along the coast

Syracuse was an important city in ancient times, particularly when the fate of Mediterranean was being fought over by Atens, Cartage and Rome. Whit the 5 towns, in our days the historical quarters, Ortigia, Tiche, Neapolis, Epipoli e  Acradina defended from a single wall, and the Plemmirium village where nowadays a sea park is instituted. Syracuse is also an attractive sea side with fine reefs and beaches extending north and south of the city itself so that in Syracuse the sporting boat called Talamego (bed – boat) in ancient times was very popular.  

 • BLUENOSE – leaded by Marco Sanguedolce - is located in Ortigia island, historical centre and hart of Syracuse, close to the bus station to/from Catania airport, Rome, Tourin, Milan, Bari and many others city, facing the Lachios harbour where the traditional fishing is still practised.  

 • In partnership with Approdo S. Lucia the first and historical Diving Center in Syracuse leaded by N. Di Dato’s Staff – the result of more than 40y experience in diving and free diving organizing more than 50W.Recod in free diving with W. Champions as: Enzo Maiorca and his girls, Francisco Ferreras called PIPIN, Gianluca Genoni, Tania Streeter and others

• In N. Di Dato’s  and Umberto Pelizzari’s Staff  Marco Sanguedolce has have his experience and today is a national umpire in free diving.

• 45 scuba equipments, 4 inflating rigid boats; in addition to the holder, others instructors and dive masters DAN (dive Allert Network) insured.

• 31 dive trips suggested in conforming with the dive brevet you got, as well as sea caves, shoals, wrecks and a archaeological trip allowed to O.W. too.

•  To take it easy no more than 5 divers are admitted in each trip.

• Diving Course CMAS (World Underwater Federation) FIPSAS (National Uw.F.) NAUI – PADI on request; diver, free diver and Agonistic Apnea* - * only CMAS and FIPSAS.

• Are You Found in Fishing?  

Siracusa  is well known for its calm sea conditions and excellent year round deepsea fishing, is the perfect take-off point to access and enjoy this awesome deep sea fishing. Depending on the fishing season, you will catch all sorts of different species of fish. Other offshore fish such as tuna, dolphin, shark, barracuda, giant red tuna and swordfish are all caught as they seasonally migrate through the deepsea waters of Siracusa.

Fishing Boats:

Arkos 734 - suzuki 140hp; zodiak 5.50 - yhamaha 70hp - robalo 6.5 - mariner 140 - Azimuth 36ft- 2x280Hp; Calafuria 36ft 2x320Hp; ARS24 24ft 1x80Hp. reservation is requested.

• On request service to reserve B&B, Hotels, House, Flat, Cars, Restaurants and reception on Catania Airport.

•For more information contact us


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